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Benefits of a Vegetarian Lifestyle

If you’re thinking about becoming a vegetarian and need that extra push, why not consider all the benefits your new lifestyle will bring? A longer lifespan, reduced risk of cancer and lower risk of heart disease are a few of the many perks our health can reap by ditching meat from our diet. Here are […]

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Top 20 Vegetarian Athletes

Any doubt about fitness of vegetarians? These world famous vegetarian athletes will change your mind. The names are in alphabetical order (not based on their popularity or performance) Andreas Cahling Olympic ski jump gold medallist. Also has won the Swedish bodybuilding championship. Bill Pearl Bodybuilder who won the Mr. Universe title four times Billie Jean […]

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What do Vegetarians Eat?

What do vegetarians eat? To answer this question we need to understand the types of vegetarians. Lacto Ovo Vegetarian – They don’t eat meat, fish or poultry, but do consume eggs, milk or cheese. Lacto Vegetarian – They consumes milk and cheese products, but don’t consume eggs. Vegan – They don’t consume any animal product […]

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