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Busting the Protein Myth For Vegetarians

Most meat-eaters and even many vegetarians and vegans have been brainwashed to think that protein is some mystical nutrient and you can ONLY get enough protein by eating meat or drinking milk. This is misinformation portrayed by the dairy and meat industry so that they can sell more “product” and earn more profits. Protein is […]

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Benefits Of Cabbage

Cabbage is a very delicious vegetable. Only very few knows the benefits of Cabbage to have a health life.  It has a pleasant and humble look having harder outer green leaves and light yellow inner soft leaves. It can be consumed cooked or uncooked. Most common use of Cabbage is as part of salad. This […]

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5-day Vegetarian Detox Plan

Do you know body detoxification has been practicing in various countries for thousands of years? Ayurveda medicine in South Asia has explained various detox methods. Here is a 5 day vegetarian detox plan to cleanse your body. Why detoxification is necessary? In the present society, you can no longer survive a single day without encountering […]

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