Mountain House Pasta Primavera – 1 Serving Entree

The Mountain House Pasta Primavera Pro-Pak single serving entrAAe allows you to enjoy a tasty, protein-packed vegetarian meal anywhere. This compact vacuum pouch won't expand at altitude, weighs only 4oz, and yields a hearty 16oz serving. All you need is boiling water and a spork. Simply pour hot water into the stand-up zipper pouch and a few minutes later you'll be enjoying an energy-replenishing meal.

Product FeaturesServings: 1Pouch Cook: yesBurnable Package: noVegetarian: yesVegan: noCalories: 470Total Carbohydrates: 62 gTotal Fat: 16 gSaturated Fat: 9 gProtein: 18 gCholesterol: 50 mgSodium: 1580 mgDietary Fiber: 5 gSugars: 7 gPotassium: Ingredients: Zucchini, Enriched Macaroni Product (durum semolina, niacin, ferrous sulfate, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), Cream, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Red Peppers, Nonfat Dry Milk, Yellow Peppers, Modified Corn Starch, Green Peas, Seasonings (hydrolyzed soy and corn protein, dextrose, torula yeast, soybean oil), Parmesan Cheese (part-skim milk, cheese culture, salt, enzymes), Onion Powder, Butter (cream), Maltodextrin, Salt, Culture Whey Powder, Autolyzed yeast extract, Spices, Natural Flavors, Granulated Garlic, Turmeric and Safflower Oil. Contains: Wheat, Milk, SoyWeight: 4 ozRecommended Use: eating

CoQ10 (100 mg) – 30 Vegetarian Capsules

CoQ10 (100 mg) – 30 Vegetarian Capsules

CoQ10 is a bio-active quinone found in every cell of the human body. It acts as a cofactor in the electron transport chain, which is the pathway in cellular respiration from which ATP and much of the body's energy are formed. CoQ10 also assists with the stimulation of the immune system as well as blood circulation. It is also very important to the health of your heart. This product comes from Japan, which is known for producing the highest quality CoQ10 in the world.
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