Acidophilus 60 Vegetarian Caps

Many harmful influences can destroy the beneficial flora that normally flourish in the intestinal tract. Stress, antacids, antibiotics, processed foods, pesticides, chlorine in drinking water, and high-fat, high-protein diets are just some of the factors that can upset the digestive system's natural balance of intestinal flora. "Probiotics" is the term used to describe organisms such as friendly bacteria that inhabit a healthy intestinal tract. Simplexity Health's Acidophilus is formulated as a probiotic product that provides a natural way to keep the digestive system on track. For the body to get the most out of food, the intestines must be healthy. Acidophilus plays a key role in supporting the health of the small intestine. Simplexity Health's Acidophilus (Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1 strain) is the small intestine's super balancer. Without proper cleansing, the small intestine can accumulate harmful byproducts that impair natural digestive function. Simplexity Health's Acidophilus formula contains a single strain of beneficial bacteria, uniquely designed to help the body process food efficiently and eliminate waste. Each two-capsule serving supplies 2.4 billion viable Lactobacillus acidophilus cells at the time of manufacture, plus 170 mg of Super Blue Green Omega Sun to help nourish the acidophilus, further promoting intestinal health.

Truitt Brothers All Natural Vegetarian Chili (12/16 OZ)

Designed To Taste Great! Please Always Check The Ingredients Before Use

Skechers Women’s Pro T R Vegan Shoes

The ultimate in hybrid performance comes in the SKECHERS Pro – TR training shoe. The next generation of athletic training shoes with SmartShoe design, lateral protection and Kinetic Return system for forward propulsion. Train every way, every where and every direction. Extreme medial contouring allows unrestricted free side-to-side motion. Midsole and outsole outriggers safeguard the foot during cutting movements. SmartShoe with Mid-Foot Strike guides your body into a position that transforms impact into elastic (reusable) energy. K. inetic Return System combines the strength and flexibility of DuPont Hytrel material with the efficiency of an elliptical shape to deflect and convert impact forces into forward motion. Ideal for running and high intensity gym training. Uses include indoor running, treadmill, side lunges, gym fitness training, outdoor running, pavement running, super sprints and competitive running. Construction: Synthetic and mesh fabric upper is very light weight yet durable. Lace up hybrid training and running shoe design. Stitching accents. Mesh fabric panels at front and sides for cooling ventilation. Micro perforated synthetic panels for airflow. Side stripe with S logo. Patent synthetic heel panel for added stability. Lace up front. Stay-put tongue design with Tongue Lock and top ridges. Padded collar and tongue. Soft fabric shoe lining. Shock absorbing Resalyte midsole. High traction rubber outsole with outrigger sides.