How to become a vegetarian when you love meat

This is a very common question. How to become a vegetarian when you love meat. It is not difficult as you thought. Here are few simple steps to begin.

Step 1 – Change your craving desire to eat meat

You love meat because you are addicted to the taste, smell and look of it. But do you really know how it comes from the farm to your fridge? Watch this video and it will change your view of meat.

Step 2 – Be familiar with vegetarian meat like food

There are many processed and unprocessed vegetarian foods that look and taste like meat. Vegetarian sausages, balls, burger fillers, mock duck, Tofu and Soya curries are few of them. Once cooked properly they are very tasty and smell good. Try these dishes and be familiar with them. Gradually replace your meat dishes with one of the vegetarian dishes.

Step 3 – Locate good vegetarian restaurants in your area

Everybody cannot cook vegetarian food properly. Visit few vegetarian restaurants and try their dishes. You will definitely find some restaurants are better than others. You need these vegetarian restaurants when you have run out of vegetarian food at home.

Step 4 – Try the vegetarian formula

“The Vegetarian Formula” is a downloadable eBook we prepared to help anyone to become a vegetarian. The book has specific tips on how to become a vegetarian when you love meat.  Click here to read more details of the Vegetarian Formula eBook.

Nothing will be successful if you don’t have a strong commitment to become a vegetarian safely and take action towards it. The first three steps above will give you a good start. The fourth step is the ultimate and a definite solution if you can afford to buy how to become a vegetarian eBook.

Bill Clinton Goes Vegetarian

Former USA president Bill Clinton is the latest celebrity vegetarian.  He is the 42nd president of the United States who is passionate about food.
President Clinton recently announced his lifestyle change due to his growing heart diseases. He strongly believes going vegetarian will reduce heart diseases. Clinton has undergone two heart procedures since completing his presidency in 2000.

Watch Bill Clinton’s interview with CNN

Video for Meat Eaters

I just watched this video a few minutes ago and could not wait to post on my blog. Pass this page to all meat eaters and them and animals a favor.

Warning! The video has very disturbing scenes.


This is cruel and animal rights violation. Authorities seems paying no attention. In some cases they have gone beyond that and trying to put animal rights whistleblowers in jail.