Vegetarian Formula Affiliate Program
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Promote a program created by a real expert who has helped thousands of people to become vegetarians world-wide.

We are on a mission to create TEN MILLION vegetarians. We have been using this program for over 10 years to accomplish this mission. But so far it was kind of one-on-one training.

For the first time the program is now available as an e-Book because there is a HUGE demand for this program.

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How to promote the eBook

Our affiliate program is managed by ClickBank. CLICK HERE to open a free affiliate account (also called nickname in ClickBank) if you don’t have an account yet.

Follow these steps once you have your account created.

Visit ClickBank market place (
Type vegetarian formula in the “Type Product” section and click the search button (see below screen image).

You will find “Vegetarian Formula, how to become a vegetarian” item in the results list (see below screen image).
Click the “Promote” button.

Enter your nickname (your ClickBank login ID). Tracking code is optional. Then click “Create” button.

ClickBank will provide you an encrypted affiliate link (unique for you) to use in your website, blog or email marketing campaign.

Use following promotional tools to promote the e-book.